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100% Match! Thank you donars!

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Great Ormand Street have found a 100% match for  Jacob on the Bone Marrow register. Yay! We’d just like to say thank you to all those who have helped the cause so far and who continue to support us and all those who need a transplant. Thank you to the Blood, Marrow and Money donars, As well as those who have donated their time.

From Vicky:

I cant help but think about the person out there who has been called in for more tests and have now been told that they are a 100% match for someone!

What are they feeling like? i bet that is just as a amazing feeling!

Well done to everyone who has helped us supported us and to everyone who gives blood (he will go through a lot of it when he has the transplant) and to all you blood marrow donors! ANGELS!

From Auntie Michelle:

I would like to tell you all that have helped with the campaign for bone marrow for baby jacob, that they have found a 100% match. xx

Thank you all so much, and a huge thank you to Martin and Fiona with the help over the video. I will post more news as and when we find out more.. but a huge congratulations to Vicky and David his mummy and daddy, the best birthday gift any one could have given Jacob xxx Am soo happy xxx

Again, thank you everyone but it isn’t over yet! Keep joining the Register and Giving Blood and help save others.

For more info on what happens next and for Jacobs story from the beginning see: A Mothers Diary the Story so far…

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Hiya - Check out our upcoming events

Hiya - Check out our upcoming events

Check out our upcoming events, raising money for the Jacobs Family, the Anthony Nolan Trust and Great Ormand St.

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Jacobs Journey Widget

Jacobs Journey Widget

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Jacob Giles

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Baby Jacob

Baby Jacob

Jacob David Giles Was Born On 13.08.2008 with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. A rare disorder which means he  requires a bone marrow transplant to save his life, if everyone of you signed up to donate  you could save him and many others like him. More information on the bone marrow donar list at www.anthonynolan.org.uk

This Little Boy Needs Our Help To Make His Dreams Come True Of Having The Childhood He Truly Deserves!

Jacob need regular blood transfusions.

Jacob needs regular blood transfusions.

Jacob has had to endure blood transfusions on a regular basis due to his platlet levels falling so low since he fell ill – and due to this had to have a central line  fitted. This has now been removed whilst he awaits a bone marrow transfusion.

These would not have been possible without those who donate blood on a regular basis. Do somthing amazing today and give blood see www.blood.co.uk for more details.

If a marrow donar cannot be found then Jacob will not survive. He and many thousands of others each year need your help. Join the bone marrow register. Visit www.anthonynolan.org.uk for more info.