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Join for Joel

Joel Picker-Spence, from Farndon was just 6 years old when he lost his 4-year battle with the illness.  A bone marrow donor match was found for him by The Anthony Nolan Trust, but he was too ill to receive a transplant.

Ann-Marie Spence, Joel’s mother said, “The more people that are on the register means the easier it is to find a match for someone needing a transplant.

It is often left to the family to launch an appeal when they hear that a bone marrow donor is needed as there are simply not enough people on the register at present.  So please don’t leave it until someone you love needs help, join now.”

Please do it for Joel, and the thousands of patients in the UK who find themselves in a similar position to that of him when he was in need.

To join, you must be aged 18-40 (inclusive) and be in good health, so I would urge anyone between these ages to come along to one of the sessions to find out more.

It is so easy to join – all that is required on the day is to read a booklet, complete a medical form and give a small sample of blood – 4mls – just a teaspoon!  This is then tested and entered onto the bone marrow register, where it may one day prove to be a match for a patient needing a transplant.

Contrary to the most common misconception, donating bone marrow is not a painful experience.  In fact there are two different methods of donating; one of which is very similar to giving blood – no operations, no pain, just the knowledge that you may have saved someone’s life.”

My son (Jacob) needs a bone marrow transplant. Sadly Joel died before he could receive his. Please don’t let it be too late for Jacob. – David

For more info visit: http://www.joinforjoel.co.uk/

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