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The Latest news on Jacobs Journey:

14/05/10 Hi WERE HOME!! sorry i have not up dated recently! i will back track slightly…regarding GVHD they left jacob on gut rest for a while and then re tryed feeds with the view if it didnt work again they would do the scope and have look. Jacob had a few weeks off been fairly poorly and the feeds didnt work, at the same time skin GVHD became much more apperent covering all off his body. So they started treatment steriods and it took nearly 2 weeks to get him in for a scope!! so while his skin was graded at 4+ gvhd by the time he got a scope he had been on treatment for a while so it only showed mild to nearly none off the gut! after a period off been on the steriods we re tryed YET AGAIN with feeds starting from scratch. Fortunatly this time around it worked!!! slowly slowly we upped the amount off a fully digested speacial formula and he kept on toleratiing it 🙂 keeping him on a no wheat no dairy diet we were able to get him on enough tube feeds to come off TPN through (the vien nutrician). And he just kept getting better and better and more back to his old self 🙂 we got home on tuesday. with a stack off meds and over night feed’s and 4 bonus tube feeds for fluids through out the day! Mean while his liver functions have been completely off the scale due to drugs he is on so they have had to be changed meaning that while he is still on steriods for gvhd he still has to have 1 iv med 3 times a week!! so we are at our local hosp twice a week and London once!! but that will wean down fairly quickly. He is eating orally and we are gradually trying him on a little wheat & dairy…he just wont drink anything orally!! When we got home after 13 weeks Jacob couldnt remeber it innittally…i felt he felt it seemed familliar but he couldnt remeber it.. but as time has gone on its like we were never away 🙂 I cant tell you how relieved i am that things are now going so well, and to be back home all as a family. i no were not out of the woods yet but the worst is behind us all the worry the dred off not nowing what to really expect through transplant that bogs you down for months before you even get there!! all behind us and i feel the best i have felt since he 1st got ill at 12 weeks old 🙂 i cant belive he will be 2 in a few months!! We truley couldnt off got through this without the support we have had.

I would just like to say Kian & Rhianna will always be in my thoughts and so to there familys my hart goes out to you, whilst i never new these 2 children through out our time through BMT sharing the same experiances with both familys they are and always will be very close to my hart x x xx x x x x x x x x

For the full back story see Vicky’s “A Mothers Diary” Click Here…

A Mothers Diary – The Story So Far

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Baby Jacob Giles, the highs and the lows!

Jacob enjoying some cake.

A diary of Jacob Treatment from the initial symptoms to diagnosis by his mother Vicky. (Edited. Dunx )


When Jacob was 12 weeks old he had his 2nd shot of immunisations, a day or so later his eye’s began to swell! And they gradually got worse, we took him to see the GP who said there was nothing to worry about and packed us off!! Without taking a temperature etc. or even an examination, as a few more days passed they got even worse so I took him back to the GP, we saw someone different who straight away gave him a full examination and was very concerned! She sent us straight to hospital…..the inital diagnosis of his huge red swollen eyes ( the lids not the eye-ball ) was an infection, so they did blood test’s and put him IV antibiotic’s. Jacob had no temperature though to signal an infection. On the blood test it showed he had low platelets and low HB, Borderline to needing a transfusion. Click Here For the Full Story…

The above is an excerpt from https://jacobgiles.wordpress.com/a-mothers-diary-the-story-so-far/

Thank you to XWCA!

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Last nights XWCA wrestling show at central hall in Grimsby was a great success. We’d like to thank all the wrestlers and management of the XWCA for their help in raising awareness. More info to follow but for now check out the video which was shown on the night.

More info on the XWCA can be found at www.XWCA.net

XWCA Event Preamble in Telegraph.

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XWCA Event in aid of Jacob!

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XWCA Doomsday - In Aid of Jacobs Journey.

XWCA Doomsday - In Aid of Jacobs Journey.

In Aid of Jacobs Journey, XWCA presents:

Xtreme Wrestling Championship Alliance – Doomsday!

Sunday 18th October, at Central hall, Duncombe Street, Grimsby.

Doors open 5.15pm
Show starts 6pm prompt.

To be finished for 8.30pm

If done through Jon stating Jacobs Journey then you’ll get in for:

Discounted prices of –

Adult £8
Kids £6.50
Bonus (admits any 4 people) £25


You can now get your tickets for XWCA Doomsday 2009 online! Visit: http://xwca.net/jj.html

20% of money made from these tickets will go straight to Jacobs Journey.

Usual ticket prices –
Adult £10/ Kids £8/ Bonus pack £30

To purchase tickets or for more information contact Jon by email at xwcagm@hotmail.com

or contact Dunx at webmaster@jacobsjourney.info

If you can make it, come join us and help fight to raise awareness and raise money for Jacobs Journey.

More info to follow over the next few weeks. in the mean time checkout http://www.xwca.net

Thank you all for your continuing support!

News Flash (Jacobs Parents on the Radio)

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Vicky (Jacobs Mum) and David his Daddy will be LIVE on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about 12.10 Tommorrow, Wednesday 23rd September.


Skip to 2:25 mins

A Big Huge Thankyou!

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This weekend was very successful in raising both money for the Jacobs Journey Fund and awareness of the cause.

On Saturday night Models 4U put on a great show with a raffle of prizes provided by local businesses. We’d like to thank those who provided the prizes, those who attended and especially Models 4 U! More here…

On Sunday we held the Jacobs Journey Sponsored Family Walk you can see pictures here. There was a great turn out and a good time seemed to be had by all. We’d like to thank all who attended and all those of you out there who sponsored someone in aid of Jacobs Journey. Thanks to everyone who took the time to turn out.

Jacob and Mummy at Picnic.

Jacob and Mummy at Picnic.

Jacob enjoying some cake.

Jacob enjoying some cake.

Keep on walking.

Keep on walking.

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

Thanks to prints direct for the T-Shirts www.prints-direct.com

On Monday the 28th September the kind people at Fish King are supporting us by donating a full day takings with the staff working for free to the cause. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for this amazing act of kindness. For more info: Click Here: Fish Kings Day in aid of Jacob!

Thank you all.

More pics etc to follow.

Fashion Show in support of Jacob! (thanks to Models4U)

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Models4u are holding a charity event on Saturday 12th Sept 2009, in Louth @ Cordeaux high school 7.30pm start!

Tickets avaliable on the door on the night.

They are doing there spectacular show this year in aid off Jacobs Journey!!

£3 ticket…raffles…and entertainment! Ourselves Jacob and our family will be there 🙂

email Models4U for more info. models.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

or Visit thier facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2319898125&ref=nf

Jacob in the Newark Advertiser.

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Mr David Giles (32) and Miss Vicky Tasker (29) of Lowfield Lane, Balderton, who have been told a bone-marrow match has been found for their son, Jacob (1)

Mr David Giles (32) and Miss Vicky Tasker (29) of Lowfield Lane, Balderton, who have been told a bone-marrow match has been found for their son, Jacob (1)


A boy whose only chance of surviving a rare genetic condition is a bone-marrow transplant has received the gift of life for his first birthday.
Jacob Giles, of Lowfield Lane, Balderton, has Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, an inherited disorder of the immune system and was diagnosed in May.

This week his parents, Miss Vicky Tasker and Mr David Giles, were told a 100% bone-marrow match had been found.

Miss Tasker (29) said: “It’s so scary but we are so happy. It’s a huge relief to know this is not going to drag on for years and possibly be too late.

“It was his first birthday yesterday — what better present?

“This is a priceless wonderful gift of life and a cure to the endless symptoms he has suffered.”

Mr Giles (32) said: “I think we had been prepared for it to be years. You don’t really hear about a match being found so quickly.”

The family marked Jacob’s birthday with a party, where his presents included a tricycle, before spending the day at Rand Farm Park, Wragby.

Jacob has been referred to the bone-marrow transplant team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, where specialists will decide if he is well enough for the procedure.

Miss Tasker said doctors would have to look at the waiting list before a date could be set.

She said: “We have the most difficult part to get through now and we know it’s going to be hard.

“He is going to be as ill as you could get and will have to spend around two months in Great Ormond Street away from our other children and family.”

Miss Tasker’s mother, Mrs Kim Eddowes, of Louth, will move into the family home to look after Jacob’s half brothers, Dylan (12) and Morgan (8).

Jacob’s condition is characterised by recurrent infections, eczema and low numbers of circulating platelet cells, which increases susceptibility to bleeding. There is also a risk sufferers may develop cancer.

He is on several types of antibiotics and has weekly blood transfusions.

Miss Tasker is supporting Mrs Ann-Marie Spence in her campaign to encourage more people to become potential donors.

See the article in the Newark Advertiser on Jacobs Bone Marrow Match:


100% Match! Thank you donars!

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Great Ormand Street have found a 100% match for  Jacob on the Bone Marrow register. Yay! We’d just like to say thank you to all those who have helped the cause so far and who continue to support us and all those who need a transplant. Thank you to the Blood, Marrow and Money donars, As well as those who have donated their time.

From Vicky:

I cant help but think about the person out there who has been called in for more tests and have now been told that they are a 100% match for someone!

What are they feeling like? i bet that is just as a amazing feeling!

Well done to everyone who has helped us supported us and to everyone who gives blood (he will go through a lot of it when he has the transplant) and to all you blood marrow donors! ANGELS!

From Auntie Michelle:

I would like to tell you all that have helped with the campaign for bone marrow for baby jacob, that they have found a 100% match. xx

Thank you all so much, and a huge thank you to Martin and Fiona with the help over the video. I will post more news as and when we find out more.. but a huge congratulations to Vicky and David his mummy and daddy, the best birthday gift any one could have given Jacob xxx Am soo happy xxx

Again, thank you everyone but it isn’t over yet! Keep joining the Register and Giving Blood and help save others.

For more info on what happens next and for Jacobs story from the beginning see: A Mothers Diary the Story so far…